Strength test meAdammuscle's blog

Muscular blonde
187 cms
Go Hard me

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Meeting My First FighterDetective Mask's blog

Yesterday, I was able to meet a fighter in the site for the very first time. It was none other than Razorfish.

I actually wasn't expecting to meet anyone in the site in Cebu, since my province is not a frequent destination for the members here and most Filipino members reside in another island. As such, it was a very pleasant surprise to meet one in Cebu.

We had a little talk for around an hour on a variety of things. Razorfish was very friendly and gracious all throughout.

It was also quite a unique experience to talk to someone personally about Meetfighters and its members. For the first time, it wasn't just some abstract concept in the Internet.

There was no wrestling match due to several circumstances. But still, it was very nice to meet someone from the site.

Thanks for the time, razorfish. I hope to see you again soon.

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Training, free trial classimthere's blog

Hi everyone, I'm living and studying at Krems (Austria) for the moment until June..

I am looking to explore places to train Muay Thai and possibly MMA also. I have my own gloves for these 2 sports.

If you have suggestion and recommendation of gyms to try free trial Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA cass, please let me know!

I also want to know where I can see any fight club or fight night events, never really experience to see it so I want to know about it as well!

Mm.. if anyone interested to meet up for muay thai/boxing training and sparring, just let me know.

I am really new and no experience with MMA so I would like to learn/train it.

I am wearing brace btw, my mouthguard only protects my upper jaw... i wear braces for both upper n lower jaw~

Prefer similar size guys.. not comfortable with larger size guys than me

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Workout challengesqweqweqwe's blog

I enjoy working out on camera. It helps me to push harder and give my best.
Would you like to send me instructions for a short workout video, telling me what exercises to do? I will upload the results on MF.
Give me the following details:
- a short and accurate description of the exercises
- how many reps for each movement
- should i do it as fast as possible, or keep repeating the movements for as many rounds as possible in a set time (let's keep it under 10 minutes as per MF standards)

I would do these exercises in my room and currently don't have any equipment, so it should be all bodyweight stuff :) Or perhaps I could do it at a playground, that expands the possibilities.

I'm looking forward to receiving your challenges! :)

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2018-02-24Vaetran100's Blog

möchte gern den Namen ändern in Veteran100, ist das möglich?

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Check yourselfMerseywrestle's blog

Hey Guys
My first blog entry, bit serious but important, since author/actor Stephen Fry cam out and talked about his bout with prostate cancer, I thought I would stand up and say I have had it to, originally found through a routine blood test, as I have reached that certain age, were luckliy my doctor, wanted me to have a medical overall. Well after some surgery and radiotherapy I am now offically clear.
If your in your 50's plus ask your doctor for a blood test (PSA in the UK not sure what tests are done elsewhere).
Prostate cancer kills men and it has reached a level on par with breast cancer, so get checked out.

For you younger guys too, aint gonna leave you out, testicular cancer affects you, so get in a rountine and check your balls for any lumps or bumps and if there is anything your worried about get it checked out....

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2018-02-24Jman77's blog

Dudes need to clip their toenails. I'll be bringing clippers with me next time.

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wrestling birthdayJOHN1953's blog

hi guys just to say thanks to you all for your kindness and best wishes on my 65th birthday thank you all for your freindship and being ther im greatfull

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wrestlefest NYC 2018Jman77's blog

SOOO, my first time in NYC didn't go to my standards, though nothing really does due to my perfectionist complex. Still working to correct that annoying flaw. Moving forward, I would like focus on what I did enjoy about my trip. Wrestling: 10 real matches, involving real wrestling holds,tests of strength and some great body punching action. Lots of sweat, kink and sensual delights as well. I did get banged up a bit with just some minor bruising. Soreness is actually going away. I feel great now. Exploring NYC : not as much as others may have, but I was gifted a ticket to a musical in which I had the privilege of watching an award winning legend perform. The real treat for me were the guys I had the privilege of hanging out and wrestling with. These aren't average guys. They are top notch men of both standard and class in a way most can't fathom. A rarity these days. They overshadow the negative experiences I faced, witch at this point, seems trivial to even mention now. I cherish the moments I encountered with each of them.

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Another Great Match with a Post-Match SurpriseSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

I thought I had posted this; but looks like is gone: A guy from another site wanted to meet up just to see what wrestling was all about, what it felt like. I get queries from out-of-site because I keep my profile here in public-view to attract offies. Got together in my matroom; and found something odd for someone who said he never wrestled (and merely assumed did no other fight sport) – trying to use his legs in ways I hadn't seen from wrestling, but reminded me of waaaaay back in the antiquities of the '60s of doing some Jhoon Rhee TKD classes.

Instinct told me to stay in close, keep to his lside and take him down to the mat stat., and go flat at 90 full weight on chest and on my toes. And voila!! Owned his ass as I worked his arms to Discomfort City.

Afterwards, we chatted a bit, only to learn he earned a black belt in Tae kwon do over at Rhee's – even had his gi and belt in his bag and hadn't noticed it. – mystery solved as to his seemingly odd newbie wrestling style. Asked about encores as I hoped we could exchange info, tactics of our respective sport; but he never followed up to my queries over there. I sure could stand to pick up on more fight styles – for both sport and self-defense out there in the real world.

It all incented me to start working the legs more – front/back of upper, knees, lowers, ankles, and feet what a wide range of tools – and more so with the arms as well – working on both strength and dexterity. So you men here, be prepared for those bolts out of the blue as well.

Nearly s**t a brick that I had just tangled with and taken down, owned a TKD black belt – but I guess the style taught there makes less use of the fists than I remembered it – but staying in close to the lesser side followed by take down might had kept that in check as well. OTOH, all might have been pure luck and I could never replicate it if I run into another TKD man here. Take on all styles; as I want to diversify to the max, as long as it's safe.

Bigger question is: If I had posted this here before, why did it go. If not, then where did I post it? BTW: If you think this is some kind of BS, there's only one way to find out for sure it's not – by taking me on, and finding out it is not..

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