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As previously planned my next wrestling match was to be in Berlin. I would be staying with kleiner kerl, my usual wrestling mate there, for there I knew that not only I would have a good chance to wrestle, but with him I also would get the chance to wrestle several of his friends I already had wrestled before. Still I had tried to find some local guys myself to wrestle while I was there. Though before then I was contacted by another wrestler, this time a Swiss guy, who wanted to wrestle me on Wednesday. Even though I am not too fond of wrestling on the day of my arrival, I accepted to do so, as he was to return to Switzerland the next day. But we never got to wrestle in Berlin, as for reasons unknown to me he cancelled our match before we were to meet.

Yet there was another one of my wrestling friends which I could wrestle while I was there. In February I had visited sportynord in Hildesheim, and while I was there I had wrestled another local guy there. This was Ringerbuddy, and when he caught the news that I was going to Berlin he wanted to meet up with me again, this time in Berlin. And since kleiner kerl accepted that I could share my bed with him he booked the ticket to Berlin so we again could meet there. On Thursday he had a nude match with kleiner kerl, but since I am not into naked wrestling I made do with spectating. Once they had finished wrestling I decided that it now was too dark for us to fight. So we settled for wrestling on Saturday, as we both were to wrestle Sperling on Friday. But we never got that far, because on Friday morning Ringerbuddy woke with a severe back pain and he decided to return home the same day.

On Friday kleiner kerl had to work, so there was only me to wrestle Sperling. I had wrestled him several times before, and I knew that he was most likely to win over me again, like he had done the previous times. Though for me it is never a problem to lose to the better wrestler, for at least this would give me a good workout, yet still I maybe could learn something from the match. And maybe one day I could win? Though this was not going to be this time, as he had me pinned even before I really got started and then started playing with my body - and in particular my cock. I also try to avoid being teased erotically in wrestling, for I know that it is difficult for me to resist such tease, and once he had made me cum I knew that I would be drained of all my powers. He had tried that a year earlier, and then I had fought my way free, but this time I didn't succeed. So clearly he this time won over me!

Back at kleiner kerl's apartment it was planned that we should have a meeting with catchbear1 on Saturday, and this time is should be with the addition of a bit of catching and a bit of CBT. I knew pretty well what CBT was, but was not quite so sure about catching. Catchbear1 is probably the heaviest of wrestlers around kleiner kerl, but I had the impression that I still could handle him and also had won over him several times. So maybe this was why he now wanted to add the catching part, which according to his profile name was more his home ground. But this was another turn-down in Berlin, as catchbear1 had to cancel with short notice because one of his family members unexpectedly became sick. So one could say that this Berlin visit didn't give me the result I had hoped for, but at least I had kleiner kerl. He is always ready to wrestle me which also is the main reason why I always stay with him when I am in Berlin. And now we had a full weekend to wrestle in!

Kleiner kerl is probably the guy I have had the most wrestling matches with. I am 17 cm taller than him and also 16 kgs heavier. 6 years younger with more opponents than him - but probably he has had more matches than I have had, at least he seems to have more experience than I have. So we seem to be a pretty good match. This Saturday we had two rounds, and in the first I started out slow like I usually do, so soon he was over me. Though with kleiner kerl not being too heavy I could cope with that and try different ways of escaping when I saw the possibility, and in the end I succeeded and I managed to turn the tables. Now it was kleiner kerl's turn to taste his own medicine, so to make sure that I could keep him there I made use of my weight advantage, which I mostly try to avoid with lighter guys to equal out the stats. But kleiner kerl just had had his attempt to pin me down, so now it was pay-back time, and after a while he gave up.

This first round ended pretty equal, and while we were discussing the match afterwards kleiner kerl told me that I could do better than this, for apparently I clearly had the muscle for it. Maybe I had, but putting the blame on my limited experience I told him that I often did not knew what to do next, and therefore always started the match pretty modestly to find out what my opponent's first step was and then react onto this. But kleiner kerl told me that my opponent easily could take this as a sign of getting down voluntarily with no real attempt to fight and therefore make the process short. I had never thought about that, and this made me think back on Squashlad, the guy I had paired up with in 2015 during the International Wrestling Camp in Germany. He had constantly told me that I should be more brutal when we wrestled, but I had never seen myself as brutal. Maybe he had meant that I should be less modest, which would give far more meaning to me.

In our next round later that afternoon I had decided that I this time would try to immdiately pin kleiner kerl in the same position as the first round had ended with, instead of waiting for his first move, and once I got there I then would consider what to do next. Much to my surprise this gave me a better result than I had expected. Clearly it seemed easier to get to the wished result if moving in that direction right from the start than trying to push it through in the heat of the match. For now it didn't take long time before I had him pinned, and then I could counteract his various attempts of breaking free once they showed up - and in the meantime I could have time to relax. It seemed that I needed less power to keep him down when I was on top of him than breaking free from an opponent on top of me.

We wrestled again on Sunday, and this time I tried to change position so I could get him in a different hold and use my weight advantage less, but every time I did so he immediately tried to break free, so I soon realised that it was best to go immediately for the pin. Though it would be better if I had more ideas of what I could go for. Anyway it was good to finally have a clear idea of what I could go for in the start. I was sure that this would not be possible every time, and it would be hard to achieve with a heavier guy than kleiner kerl. Though other ideas I could work on when I later have other opponents pinned. Time will tell. At least I as usual already have my next wrestling possibility planned, which will be in Dresden in December. I probably then will meet my heaviest opponent so far, horti, though we do not plan to wrestle then. But there are other guys I can wrestle in Dresden!

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I just joined this group
and I know that one must be
Patient with these sites.
That being said I would like
To submite my initial impression.
Most members have been very respectful
and a few very helpful with helping me
To navigate just what this is all about.
I have chated with 3 people that live near enough
to me that I'm interested in to have a session
Problem is, weeks have gone by and we haven't
even met for coffee, or a safe place to check
each other out.
I know that because of the nature of this fetish that
People may be extra cautious and apprehensive.
I know I am.
However I'm beggining to believe most
Of you do not actually meet for a match,
You only jerk people around and fantasize
Any feedback to prove me wrong?
Or we can take it out in the ring for real.

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My humble opinion, there aren't none, all arts are good, who you win today, may tomorrow be the winner, is all depends how you feel today, your rival feels, the luck, the opportunities we find in that moment and the decision we make in that precise instant... define all one art they a moment... exist one art for each one, you feel good with one particular art, that is the best art for you... one world of different people then we have different arts... i need to "grow" and learn everyday... be better each day...

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There is great freedom that comes with independence. I'd trade that in to be wrapped tightly in some meaty biceps after a hard day. Only problem with being completely independent, is just that, lol.

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What a boring November. It’s all rain, rain and rain these days. In these stormy days there is need for something to lift our spirits.
Like seriously. Getting geared up and ready to wrestle kind of way. Lift and carry kind of way! Is there a better way to spend a boring November than travelling and wrestling?

I was first approached one stormy night by a wrestler from Down Under. But hey, isn’t it summer there right now? And he is heading to the November rain?

”Let's see which one of us is a real heel!”

Sydneyheel sparked up the dark day with his feisty challenge. This guy has more than 30 matches under his belt.
Sydneyheel. That’s it. He has wrestled big and small guys. I’m ready to meet all of that
5’4” (163 cm), 134 lbs (61 kg) on my wrestling mats. With that pro look and moustache he will be a great match. Let’s get boots on!

But wait, he is coming in the end of Movember. Ouch. I need wrestling now!
So why not head down South myself for some sunshine in the middle of the Autumn? Barcelona sounds like a hot spot right now.

”I have become more muscled since the last time we met!”

Schabernacken noticed I will be in the neighbourhood and booked a long due rematch right away. He has fought 61 opponents the past years. That’s good practice. The game is on!

With his 6'0" (183 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg) frame
Schabernacken is definetly up for a two vs one or a classic two vs. two tag team.
I’m looking forward putting him in a couple of nastys back breakers! Maybe stretch that back with a good old Boston Crab.

”I might kick your ass!”

Not long before challenges find their way through Meetfighters and Whatsapp.
Jorgefighter is the Man in Barcelona. Now he might team up with another Macho, oh just bring it on! But seriously, if you hear kick ass challenges coming from Jorgefighter you’ll sure be heading, well, head to head with a feisty heel. These two would look great in speedos, tied up in my headscissors and all sweaty.. let’s do it!

What’s next? Some independent rebels are heading to Brussels these days. Is that a place to go for a November brawl? Battlefox has been on my list for a long time. Is it now time for a match between us two?

Heels, heels, heels.. let’s see who’se the jobber!

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Another great training session at Grove park new guys participated which was great to see and very welcome they were to
iain scott our trainer gave amazing teaching hes the most anazing guy patient and it is a priviledge to be taught under his expert guidance.
Today we revised our past training and new holds good thing about the session is we have pro matches for us to put the skills we have learnt.
just want to add jonny innocent me old training partner we are really hitting the ring
Scissorsman is an asset to the group showing hes keen

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I heard i be moving to another place due to my new job if i get it. I going to be working at UPS and might get a part time job in wrestling company. so right now those jobs is waiting for my name. My training for both skateboarding and other sport i do is working hard.My combat sport is kinda off so i need sparring. I love making friends and fighting against them and also ding mix fight too..

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I want a group of men basic and primal in thoughts and live that way. PRIMAL MAN.

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A change is gonna come...
...I'm ready for it.

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Karate é uma arte marcial japonesa, tradução literal é "Kara" vazio e "Te" mão, mão vazia, lutar sem armas. Só com as armas naturais, punhos, cotovelos, joelhos, pernas, cabeça, seu objectivo inicial foi a defensa pessoal tem ai objectivo de cada golpe seja com a máxima potencia

Karate es un arte marcial japonés, la traducción literal es "Kara" vacío y "Te" mano, mano vacía, luchar sin armas. Sólo con las armas naturales, puños, codos, rodillas, piernas, cabeza, su objetivo inicial fue la defensa personal tiene a objetivo de cada golpe sea con máxima potencia

Karate is a Japanese martial art, the literal translation is "Kara" empty and "Te" hand, empty hand, fight without weapons. Only with natural weapons, fists, elbows, knees, legs, head, your initial objective was the personal defense you have to aim each stroke with the maximum power

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