Busy Summer - Good and BadWrestling and Domination

Hey guys, hope everyone (in my hemisphere, anyway) is having a great summer! This is my first time experiencing summer with a body that's fitter and more able to take the heat... and I'm loving it.

Unfortunately, spending so much time running, biking and hiking has left less time for wrestling, and left me more sore. A few months ago while running, I even got a massive bruise when I tripped and fell on a root. And aside from my newfound love of the outdoors and sweating in the sun, special events for my job, visiting friends and weekend events (like Shakespeare in the Park this weekend) have kept me very busy (and, when I'm not, often tired and/or sore).

Long story short, I have slowed down wrestling a bit for now, and am sorry to my regular opponents for any frustration with it being harder to pin me down (cheesy pun intended). However, I am still working on improving my strength and skills, so rest assured we WILL meet on the mat again soon and I'll be putting up more of a fight than ever!

Enjoy your weekends, guys!

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A match with Davey123davey123's blog

He knew that Davey could be rough. They had wrestled before and though basically he had always enjoyed the bouts, there had been moments when he really feared that Davey would completely finish him off. Davey was big. And he trained hard, simply to wrestle. One time he had lifted Andy off the mat and racked him until Andy could no longer even beg. Then he had dumped him via a devastating drop back breaker over the knee. Andy had been unable to breathe for what seemed like several minutes, but was probably only thirty seconds. Davey had simply stood over him with a light smile on his face, and when Andy had hauled himself up Davey had leaped on him and wrenched him into an excruciating camel that had Andy wondering whether it would be his back or his neck which would break first.
Davey was always a mean sadistic wrestler, and he had the muscle to completely control his opponent if he decided to. This time he looked serious. He also looked pumped in his dark blue speedos, and Andy noted the heavy swing of those massive thighs as Davey strode onto the mats. Davey looked bigger in the back and those triceps were as thick as ever. Andy could feel that strange leap in the pit of his stomach. Or was it lower. Andy knew that he was very resilient and could absorb punishment from just about any wrestler. He was fit and flexible too. He liked pain.....well, up to a point. But bouts with Davey were always unpredictable. Davey had certain holds that he always inflicted with ruthless concentration and seeming disregard for his opponents suffering. But quite often there would be something new too. Andy remembered ruefully when Davey had started adding the Sleeper hold to his wide vocabulary of submission moves. He had been gentle at first, but gradually had become wickedly efficient at clipping the hold on, with that big, hard-muscled arm sinuously snaked around Andy's neck, and then the other arm slipping down from the crown of Andy's head into the nape of his neck to clamp the hold on without mercy. Each time Andy thought he was dying as the pressure from Davey's hardening bicep bore into the side of his neck and he would quickly lose the sense of where he was, then peripheral vision would go and finally he would feel himself falling into blackness. Davey would let go a little of the pressure at that point just in order to apply it again. Death a thousand times. Anyway, that was some time back. There had been others. The Twister...Davey had been delighted with the way that stretched and arched his victim ....resulting in a neck crank, arm lock which ripped the chest muscles, a spinal twist that felt like you were being pulled apart, and with those powerful legs grapevining one of Andy's thighs generally it felt like Andy was trapped by some kind of alien muscle monster. Then Davey would gently stroke Andy's tautly stretched chest and abs and ask with a grin 'you wanna give yet?'. There was always an extra little bit of pressure added just before any hold was released. It was a hallmark of Davey's style, as if he was saying...'I could make it worse you know, but I won't, but remember this....'.
Anyhow here they were again. Andy closed in on Davey, who was difficult to read always at these opening moments. As Andy lifted his hands towards Davey's neck and left arm, with a rapid blur of movement Davey encircled Andy's neck in an iron hard grip and threw him from his hip, tossing Andy easily to the mat and hanging onto him so that Andy landed hard with Davey's 14+ stone on him, still held in a side headlock. Fuck. Fuck. Davey was so fucking strong. He was a bastard. He was a mean-son-of-a-bitch. Still holding Andy firmly in the side headlock, Davey grabbed Andy's free arm and thrust Andy's wrist into the waiting crooked knee, so that Andy's arm was at ninety degrees with the elbow being levered up under Davey's thick thigh thereby also cranking his shoulder. This was a hold-down move which Andy of course knew, but he could not resist the momentum of it. Davey was too strong. Davey's weight across his chest kept him firmly pinned whilst the bastard started working his shoulder and arm. To make matters worse Davey hauled on the headlock, pulling Andy's head towards him and doubling the effect of weight. Leverage. Simple really. Davey was an expert at leverage. Andy groaned and said 'no, never!' When Davey told him to quit. Davey shifted yet more weight onto Andy and started to crank on the holds. Andy's shoulder was already screaming with the torque being applied. But Davey, ever the sadist, took it just to the point which Andy could endure and then kept it there, pulsing the pressure a little. Andy took it as long as he could but it was too much within about forty seconds. He tapped on Davey's broadly muscled back. Nothing. Davey was not looking at him and did not respond. Well, he was looking at him, but just did not seem to register Andy's face at all or his tapping. 'Ok' Andy said, ' you got me, I submit.' Davey then focussed on Andy's face and said 'oh no lad, you have a long way to go yet before I let you out of this'. Oh shit. He's in one of those moods.
Davey kept Andy in this shoulder busting hold for maybe another whole minute whilst Andy yelled, moaned, cursed, and alternated between tapping and punching Davey's back. He soon gave up any punching as that was met with vicious pressure crudely applied to his already torn shoulder. Suddenly, Davey mounted Andy chest to chest, and Andy felt those awesome legs grapevine his own putting unbearable pressure on his trapped legs and knees. Jeez. Andy knew how heavy Davey was, but always forgot the reality of just how heavy he felt when it was all on top of him. Davey promptly enclosed the whole of Andy's neck and head in his arms, with his chest flexing in a way that did things to Andy which he could not control. Davey was smothering him and clearly enjoying doing it. Andy struggled and thrashed under the heavily muscled man. He could not breathe and every movement he made seemed to result in Davey being clamped more tightly on him. Andy bucked and writhed but it was useless. He started to plead for release. As usual he felt a rush of unbelievable electricity run through him at being forcibly subdued by this muscled brute, and also fear that he might actually be going beyond what he could endure.
The bout progressed. It was totally one sided. Andy felt exhausted. Davey had been inventively unremittingly plain mean. He had scissored Andy and had turned up the pressure long after Andy submitted, until Andy thought his entire rib cage would implode. Andy's ribs were sore after that....we would remember the sheer hardness of those hairy monsters which looked mountainously huge when he had been trapped in them. Then he had turned his legs over to work Andy's neck. He had pumped them until Andy had gone woozy and virtually passed out.
Now, this was the worst moment. Davey seemed to tower over him, his muscles glistening and swollen as he had Andy's ankles trapped firmly under his armpits. Only Andy's head and part of his shoulders was in touch with the mat. He was struggling violently, twisting his body up and from side to side. He tried to snatch hold of Davey's ankles, but it was useless. Fuck....Andy knew he must avoid being forced over onto his belly at all costs, but Davey already had one knee pushed hard into the small of Andy's back, starting to arch him mercilessly. Andy knew that Davey was playing with him. With the power of those legs and his torso Davey could flip him over whenever he wanted. Davey was nearly lifting him up entirely. ' are gonna take it now boy...the most punishing hold ever devised in wrestling.....I am gonna ride you in my Crab, fucker.' Andy yelled defiantly, but he knew the inevitable would happen. This hold was Davey's absolute speciality. He always seemed to be able to manoeuvre an opponent into this, and when he did he would turn into a wicked pain machine, doling out spine breaking agony with ease. With a hideous surge, Andy was forced over onto his belly. Davey held him high, arched between Davey's wide stance. Andy could feel Davey tightening the grip on his legs and Davey's palms made contact with Andy's inner thighs, forcing them to spread wide. Slowly Davey sat into the saddle created by the bent lumbar zone of Andy's already-tortured back. He settled some of his weight onto Andy, which felt amazing to could those muscled globes of Davey's ass be so hard? Davey tilted his hips into the hold and Andy yelled his immediate submission. But he knew there would be no release. Davey was never satisfied with just a simple submission from this hold.
It took twenty minutes before a totally wrecked Andy was allowed to escape from under an exultant Davey. Those who doubt the power of this hold, should try it. But take care, friend. It is the most feared hold in all promission for a good reason.

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Clash of the Sexagenarians—July 18, 2017beaugeste's blog

My first official match on Meet the Fighters pitted me against another sexagenarian of equal weight but with a wrestling background.  At the start of our three-hour match, MatureJOfan was kind enough to give me some pointers.  He pointed out ways I could escape from holds and score a pin.  I used these techniques against him during our match, and he did not seem to mind.

 As the match progressed though, it was every man for himself; but we both were careful not to injure the other.  Our encounter was about achieving control over your opponent, coming up with escapes and tiring the other man into a submission.  We didn’t have any tap outs.  There was no need.  The man on top knew when he had scored a pin and let the other guy go.  Since we were about evenly matched at least on weight and age, we were often at a stalemate and just broke the hold to start over.  This was tiring but invigorating also.  It was lots of fun, good exercise, learned some new tactics, and I met a really nice guy.

Everything considered, I was satisfied with my performance.  But MatureJOfan is a wrestling champ of many years ago and has stayed in very good shape. MatureJOfan was finally able to put me in his master signature namesake hold.  If you are tired, there is little chance of escape.  I succumbed first, which makes MatureJOfan the winner; although strangely, I felt victorious also.  We both sustained minor injuries; further proof perhaps that we had a good “mano a mano” struggle.  Besides learning more wrestling holds and escapes; I have to improve my cardio to better outlast opponents.

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Is Winning Really Everything?pinningmuscle's blog

If winning is everything, why is that that in any wrestling match there is only one winner? Basic math tells us that when it comes to wrestling, winning is only half the story. Two men start the match, both (assumingly) out to win; yet only one man prevails. 50% of combatants win; while the other half will lose. It's just a basic fact about our sport.

Take me...I've been a jock for most of my life. And though I'm into my 50's now, I still consider (and define) myself to be an athlete at heart. Winning is something that I was programmed to be focused on. I worked hard on my high school football team to be the best linebacker possible. With determination I fought to take my team to the state championship. I used this same determination as a short stop in baseball; never stopping short to play with all I had. Yet wrestling, as you know, (if you follow my blogs) was the sport that truly caught my passion and drove me to accept the fact that winning is everything. But, sadly, winning is only half the story.

In any sport there's a winner and there's a loser. Someone will always come out on top. One person has to accept the concept of the "agony of defeat". Despite all of my skills and drive to succeed, a loss for me was actually a learning experience. With a loss, I learned that somewhere in the match, I made a mistake. Perhaps I missed an opportunity. Maybe I left myself open for a move. My defenses were down. My offense fell short. In my analytical mind, I needed to find out WHY I lost. In a way, I accepted defeat as a natural option – yet I hated the thought of it. When I won a tough match, I never replayed it over and over thinking about what I did right. Yet, with a loss, it stayed fresh in my mind. I'd recall each move, each defense and replay the match over and over and over again until I could pinpoint that ONE moment where I let winning, slip through my hands. I'd dissect the match until I learned from my mistakes. (I'd obviously have to assume that I made a mistake since my ego didn't want to think that the other wrestler was actually better than me.) What this taught me was the while winning was everything; losing provided a much better way to learn the sport. It was through losing that I could make an honest assessment of skills and performance. I'd learn from my mistakes and come up with a game plan to correct it; and include it in my arsenal of moves and defenses. I learned to train harder and smarter to avoid the loss. With each win, I added another notch to my win column; but with each loss I added three and four times the skills I needed to win.

Fast forward to a now where I'm still the guy who has the passion and drive; but may be a bit slower (I'm giving myself some credit here). While I'm still the same competitive, driven guy I've always been, there are times when I get outsmarted and out-wrestled. I accept that loss; but then continue to make improvements. I'd like to think that I don't get beaten by the same man twice; but that depends on my ability to learn. One loss shouldn't define you. But on the flip side, don't wrestle solely for the purpose of winning. If you're winning all your matches, maybe you aren't taking on the tougher opponents. Challenge yourself. Maybe you're trying to over-compensate for another area of your life and your ego needs the win. Lighten up. No one likes a sore winner. Remember, winning is only half the story. See what losing can do for you.

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Ifonly vs No Rules Bradifonly's blog

Ifonly: I end up entering the ring first...I'm loving this...the crowd roars as my name is called...I stop for a moment at the start of the path to the ring and soak it all in before I run up to the ring at full speed and jump through the rope and roll onto the Matt and then onto my feet...the crowd love it.

No Rules Brad: As my name gets called I come running into the arena... highfiving outstretched hands of the aisle and winking at the crowd.. I run up the stairs on the corner and climb the turnbuckle gesturing the crowd to cheer and they do.. I get down, adjusting my tight white boxers and look you up and down.

Ifonly: I see your tight white boxers and I think that they won't be the same colour when I'm done.I look at you up and down and have a little sigh...I then look towards a few firends in the crowd with wry smile and then launch my fists forward, punching you square in the jaw...I do this four times before I step back and run at you, I charge into your gut and you go me the time I need to straddle you MMA style.

No Rules Brad::I see you sizing me up.. Unprepared for the quick start your fists slam me hard and daze me! I stagger for a bit but you charge me and I fall to the mat, getting straddled! I yell out and struggle, trying to break free as the crowd goes wild at the fast start!

Ifonly: I start to work on your chest...I'm using what my brother from another mother taught me and transfer as much of my weight as I can to your gut...making it hard for you to fight back...I punch again and again. All the while think of the next move and wonder how far I could punish you.
No Rules Brad: You keep wailing on my chest! I grit my teeth and try to break free but you are firm on my soft gut! I grunt with each punch as I stare up at you smiling sadistically "fuck you man!" I yell at you

Ifonly You wish" I yell...I'm still straddle on you when I motion for the mc to pass me the microphone...My voice blares out "hey everyone...he said fuck you...can you believe that." Those on my side...of which there are many because you are in my home town bitch, cheer and laugh. I then lean into your face and look you square in the eye "like you stand a fucking chance" I then swing the microphone at your head and throw it back to the MC. The leads to a huge cheer...the first of many

No Rules Brad:  You taunt me in front of the crows.. garnering laughter from most of the crowd as you show your dominance.. you strike me with the microphone and I'm left dazed as the crowd cheer for you yet again! "Oh fuck" I mumble to myself

Ifonly : I punch you a few more times...I note that the microphone caught a bit of your face and open your skin just slightly. I get off you and pull you up to your feet before I slam you face first into the mat and then pick you up...four times

No Rules Brad: You yank me up and I try to fight back but you have already slammed me face first into the mat! Then yanked up by my hair and slammed again.. you keep doing in until my nose bursts with blood!! You hold me tight by my hair as I cup my nose that is dripping with blood
Ifonly: I laugh...I'm tempted to forgo all the technical stuff and just punish you...I stand you up again and I look at your face...I smile and then place my hand behind your hair and hold your hair while I charge you head first into the corner of the ring...I then let you and you spring back...landing on your back

No Rules Brad:: I feel your grip on my hair again.. you rush me to the ring and let go, my body slams into it and my face smashes off of the turnbuckle.. my body bounces and I fall on my back.. staring up at the lights I can hear the crowd going wild.. I roll on my front and see your feet.. I grab your legs and try to pull myself up

Ifonly: I kick you in the chest for daring to even touch my feet and I yell out bitch at you...I then stomp you so many times I lost count...all are trying in vain to stop me with your hands. I stomp down one more time because it feels so good. I then take a step back and enjoy the sight of your slowly rolling around gripping your chest in pain...blood is still pouring from your face and is going down to your chest...I wonder where I should attack next

No Rules Brad:: I can't resist as you start to stomp me over and over again!! My body bounces with each stomp as blood spatters on the mat and across my chest. You stop and I lay on my side holding my chest trying to breathe.. I see blood has even spattered on your leg and foot that did the stomping

Ifonly: Anyone with a heart would have called a stop there...but I don't have a heart. I see the blood on my leg and sigh...oh got it on my boots as well...they're new you know. I let myself out of the ring to pick up something from my friend in the front of the crowd...I hide it behind my back and watch from outside of the ring as you slowly roll around...I go up on to the turn buckle and crouch...while sticking a collar and chain into my trunks for the journey...when the timing is right...I launch...heading right for you

No Rules Brad:: I see you leave and plan to recover.. I try to get up but stumble back down falling on my chest...rolling again.. next thing I see you are on the turnbuckle adjusting your brief. Then you fly.. I can't even comprehend moving and your body slams into mine... your body splashes and winds me.. I lay on my back trying to catch my breathe "please.. please" I manage to say

Ifonly: I repeat this three times...each time the pain gets more and more instece and your eyes get heavier and's one of the most fun things for me. I land so I can quickly pin you down by raising your leg...the bell rings are three for the techinal win...of begins when the last bell is rang. They arena erupts is joy I attach the collar and chain to your neck and I then kick your side in a moniton for you to get up...I'm given the mic and I say..."look everyone...I've got a new pet." Much laughter is had...I then walk you...rather I pick you up and force you onto all fours..."I'm going to have fun with this little bitch now"

No Rules Brad:: You keep slamming me over and over and I can barely even see... all I know is you are enjoying it... you hook my leg up and I don't even consider struggling..the bell rings.. it's over.. Then I feel something around my neck. You kick my side and I go to all fours.. you speak to the crowd and I realise what is happening.. the crowd laugh and cheer, even my fans as you humiliate me, forced to walk on all fours

Ifonly: I lead you over to the other end of the ring and I lift you so you are sat down on the floor with your back propped against the turn buckle...I then ask for one of my best fiends to come to the ring and hold the chain from the outside...pulling your body up and making the collar...reduce but not cut off your oxygen supply...they fucking love it..I then ask the crowd..."this is the moment I take requests...did any one bring any toys with them." Loads of cheers happen and I have a look around before I take a wooden baseball bat with barb wires from one guy who I give a kiss too...just to play with the audience you all cheer again...I also take a strip light...the kind you find in offices and a laptop that no longer works...I then return to the ring with these new toys...I lay them out in front of you...all while you are still being held back by the chair and collar

No Rules Brad:: You walk me around and humiliate me further.. propped against the turnbuckle your friend yanks the chain.. I can barely breathe but I watch as you bekon the crowd,, you get a bat and a strip light, placing them infront of me with a grin.. I try to struggle but your friend yanks the chain and I am choked and stopped...

Ifonly: I then call for another friend to come and he's got rope...he ties your hands behind the turnbuckle and then I position you so you are on your knees and your heels are tied together. I then take the strip light first and I hit your chest with it...the whole thing shatteres and shards of glass are go every where...with some of the shards embedding themselves into your chest...a few of them start to draw blood which trickles down and stains those nice white trunks you have.
I then take the barbed wire bat and hit you again and again...the wire sticking into you each time and causing intense pain as I pull it away All while this is happening...the chain is being pulled
No Rules Brad:: Tied around the corner I can't move at all.. you pick up the light and I close my eyes. It smashes against my chest and shatters! I feel bits stick into my chest and blood starts to pour down my chest and gut, seeping into my boxers.. I pant in agony and then you pick up the bat "no! Please!" I am cut off as the chain is tanked tighter and I choke, you smash my body over and over again with the bat, as you pull it away
it tears at my skin.. more blood dripping and pouring.. I look down exhausted.. I notice my boxers are completely red and soaked ...

Ifonly: I hit you again and again...drawing more and more blood...the blood splatters everywhere and even over me...I then ram my boot into your chest...holding on to the rope...on the third stomp...I'm sure I heard something crack in your chest and you call out in pain...I stop and feel your torso...I check around the ribs and I've found that that blow broke a few of them...I think I can see tears down seeping out of your eyes..."do you want your mummy?" I ask

No Rules Brad:: In agony as the bat ruins me... then your thick boot stomps my chest! Then again.. then CRACK! "Ooooohhh fuck!" I wail in pain! You kneel down and poke at my ribs, I wince in pain, I'm crying even though I didn't realise.. you taunt me and I don't say anything as I'm choking on the collar and crying... I can't even look at you...

Ifonly: "My friends...this poor little bitch is crying." I sat into the mic while kneeling down. I feel down your chest and up your face...veining symphony. "I just wonder..." I say punching you in the face "shall we play a game?"

No Rules Brad:: You slam your fist into my face and my head jerks back hard.. you ask whether we should play a game and the crown chants YES YES YES! Over and over again as I shake my head, tears dripping down my face

Ifonly: "Of course you all want to play the game" and they cheer "but does little Brad want to play the game?" I ask delivering another punch to the head...a little more blood come out of your nose...I then pick up a shard of glass and I poke it into your left cheek...drawing blood as I drag it down..."do you want to play my game Brad?" I ask again

No Rules Brad:: You punch me again and my nose starts bleeding again.. my chain gets yanked! "Yes I will play!" I shout as you jab the shard in my cheek!

Ifonly: "Good boy" I say as I stand up..."I've a question for you...what is the name of your partner?...the one you love the most...we're going to play with them too"

No Rules Brad:: "Max?" I say as a question but give it strut around grinning.. the crowd are loving every second of it..

Ifonly: "What a lovely name." I say and the crowd awws "Brad and Max...isn't that's just like my bf...we're Tom and Jon" "Now you may be worried as to why i asked you this question. Don't worry max is safe...I'm not going to lay a finger on him...

No Rules Brad:: "Thank you" I say in relief, crying again...leaning on the post battered and bloody..

Ifonly: "In fact...he's been helping me" I then raise my voice a little " there" the lights adjust and the massive screen held up on the wall in front of you slowly fires into life.
No Rules Brad:: I listen to your words but I barely hear them.. the screen flashes up bright blinding me as the crowd cheers loudly...

Ifonly:  Max is there...watching...he's in some unknown location...the face he pulls as his motioner also flashes up...the first thing he sees is you...tied up...blood pouring out of your face and every cut while tied up in the corner of the ring."How are you doing, Max?" I ask with the same voice a waiter or shop assistant would use...that sort of customer service face.

No Rules Brad:: The screen flashes up being and I'm temporarily blinded... my body battered and face bloodied as you stand looking smug.. then I see Max.. I blink and try to adjust my vision to make out the expression on his face..

Ifonly: I was good to my word and I didn't lay a finger on him. Max watches with pure horror. "Hi Max." I say, punching you in the face. "How are you today. Me and Brad have been getting on so well...oh wait, you can't see him from there, let me help." I untie you and drag you by the hair to middle off the ring, where you collapse on your knees. yt

No Rules Brad:: I see max looking in shock and confusion as you talk.. dazed as I watch the screen you grab me tight by the hair and yank me up.. you pull me to the centre and I fall to my knees! I hear max mutter oh my god.. I try to get upright as I feel you standing behind me..

Ifonly: I stand behind you and stand over your beaten body...taking in the roar of the croud...I pull you up by your hair with your knees still on the ground. I hold you close to my body, your head leaning agaisnt the budlge in my trunks. "ladies and gentleman" I say "sadly Max has the misfortune of choose someone who could barley stand up too little old me." the crowd laugh as I then stand you up, place one hand on your crotch and the other on the front of your neck, I then lift you far above my head with my arms stretched all the way...I gesture for the mic to be passed to me "look Max...I can feel how hard Brad is...i bet you didn't know he'd loved this."

No Rules Brad:: My hair tangled in your fingers as you hold me against your bulge.. I try to pull away but you yank me up and haul me above your head.. in your grasp grunting as you cup my balls! You taunt Max and he covers his mouth in horror "why?" He manages to get out as I dangle at your mercy..

Ifonly: "Because it's fun." I reply...I carry you around the ring for a while before spinning you around and throwing you directly up. I move out of the way and you land with huge crash the reverbates around the arena. The crowd are on their feet. I repeat the process of picking you up but this time I rest you on my shoulders and I put you into a back breaker

No Rules Brad:: You throw me up! I feel the air flash past me as I fall to the ground. I slam hard and cough up blood as I clutch at my back! "Please stop!" Max cries out as you scoop me up and put me in a back breaker! I yell as I bend over your back, gritting my teeth!
 No Rules Brad:: "Please stop it!" He shouts again looking as though he is trying to come through the screen.. but he can't.. is he tied up or? I can't tell as you bend me further

Ifonly: "Of course when I said I hadn't laid a finger on Max, I was telling the truth" I said though the microphone..."but to get him to co-operate, I did have to ask one my people to extend a hand of friendship...say hello Jack" another figure pops his head on screen and waves, quite happy to be there, in a sort of hi mom look at me kind of way. I swing you around so you can see the screen..."now I've not introduced you all to Jack yet...he's a good friend of mine, we known each other for quite a long has it been Jack" I say as I pull your legs and neck further down, as if I'm trying to snap you in half. "About ten years now" this lets of a few cheers from the crowd.
"I would have introduced you to Jack sooner, but he's awfully shy." A few awws from the audience, and you can that the jack fan club is already starting. "Now you will all notice that Jack here, has tied up Max to the chair...this is so we can all play a game. I then let you go and you fall to the mat.

No Rules Brad:: You introduce jack who has a sadistic smile on his face.. the same one that you have had through most of this ordeal. The crowd watches intently on the edge of their seats as you drop me to the mat... I breathe a sigh of relief as the pain subsides... but look at the screen.. jack adjusts the camera so max is in full view, tied to a chair.. "max" I mumble and he starts calling for help.. Jack grabs his hair and yanks his head back "ain't nobody helping you here pretty boy" he spits and the crowd loses it... I get on all fours trying to stand as to walk around the ring beckoning your fans!

Ifonly: "Pretty boy he is" I start to rally up the crowd packing around the ring..."now about that game I mentioned" as I walk past you I kick you in the face. "I need someone to practice one, I've noticed that since doing all this pro-wrestling, I seem to have forgotten my roots from submission wrestling, so you Brad, are going to help me...the rules are simple...I will practice my moves on you, and if you tap the mat, my friend jack will...apply those taps, to Max, very quickly, in the form of a fist. So if I was to put a hold on you now and you tap the mat three times, three lovely taps shall be provided for our good friend Max...does that make sense Brad?"

No Rules Brad:: I reel from your kick and hold my jaw.. I stumble back up to my feet...listen to your sick game and look up to max "you are gonna be okay" I promise without believing it myself.. I nod at you and as you walk towards me with a smile I say. "You are a twisted fuck.." the crowd ooohhs as I push at your chest weakly... I see you practically laugh it off.. yt

Ifonly: "oh do that again. It felt so good." I say at your pittful attempt at fighting back..."Right my first move..." I push you back with two hands and you fall to the floor...I then roll you onto your front, with you trying, but me barly noticing the resistance you are putting up...I crouch down and lift your arms so they are resting on my knee...I then grab your chin and lean back so I'm just resting on the small of your back. I then pull more and more untill I find your point of maximum tolerance and I let off, just a little, still applying the hold. "I like this one."

No Rules Brad:: I yell out in agony as you pull my head back! I clench my fists as you keep pulling harder until I cannot be pulled any further back.. then you release a small amount.. I pant and drop with sweat as you hold me firmly and crank it again.. I pull my arm out and hover it over the mat.. I hesitate... then you crank it up harder and harder until the noises I make are no longer human.. I slam my hand down on the mat 1,2,3 times! The crowd going wild..

Ifonly: I let go..."I got that one right. Go me." I then pick you up by the air and make you face the screen..."jack, that was three taps, if you'd please." Y

No Rules Brad:: You pull me up by my hair and hold me facing the screen.. I try to look away but you tighten your grip on my hair and shake my head forcing me to look on! I look at the screen and he smiles as us and the crowd.. he grabs Max's shirt and tears it open revealing his slim smooth body! He starts to beg and I jerk forward only to be pulled back by your tight grasp..Jack flexes his arm for the crowd and they cheer, only for his fist to disappear into Max's gut! Max lurches forward but his head is yanked back by his hair.. jack holds him "that's one.." he then smashes a fist into his nose! "Two" he says blowing his knuckles and smashing his nose again!

Ifonly: I smile as Max's shirt gets ripped open..."yummy." I say out loud...You wince as at the first two blows hit max and I grip you even tighter as the last one lands in his gut again. "what a wonderful sight" I say. My next move is simple, I stand you up and crouch a little, wrapping my arms around your waist and lifting you up in a bear hug...squeezing you harder and harder...Not a normal submission hold but one i enjoy non-the less

No Rules Brad:: You get me in a bear hug as you hold me tight! I groan as I try to pull your arms away but I can't! "MAX! I'm sorry!" I yell as you flail me around in your grasp.. I pant and push at you... sweat drips off of me as my body breaks in your grip! I can't take it...
I tap on your arm over and over and stop suddenly without realising how many I had done.. I see your grin almost reach your ears...

Ifonly: I let go of you and you fall to the floor..."I nearly lost count there, I think there were six, hold on a second every one." I knell down at your body and you are holding your gut, I sit on top of you so your face would be buried in my ass and I hold your arms down with my leg..."let's see here, now if I was tapping loads of times, how would I tap" I then slap your abs ten times, tap tap tap tap, working out how many taps you would have done. "I think it was ten now I come to think about it" I stand up and kick you a few times in that gut as well. "Jack it was 10"

No Rules Brad:: You sit on my face and humiliate me.. slapping my abs and getting up swiftly.. "no.." I start to say getting on all fours.. you boot my gut.. I grab your legs trying to pull myself up but you boot me again.. I go back.. staring at the screen.. Jack laughs as max begs further! The smashes a fist into his face.. then another and another.. then a fist deep in his gut.. max spits up blood and takes another fist to his gut.. only halfway through

Ifonly: Jack then returns to the face for the final four blows, using what's left of Max's shirt to move him around. "That's ten, Tom" he says. "His pretty face is holding up quite well, perhaps he should be here instead" After I kick you away, I once again get being you and before your know it, my arms are under yours and my hands have clamped together to put you into a nelson hold

No Rules Brad:: The hardest hold to resist I'm instantly in agony! "Please man! Let it end. I will do anything!" I beg as you ruin me! I yell and cry and do anything I can, trying to struggle.. but I can't... I go to tap.. just 3 times... panting as sweat and blood drips from my face and body onto the mat...
"God please.." I mumble to myself..

Ifonly: I don't let go as you beg, I just grip a little more, turning it up. Loving the tears coming out of your eyes, to almost vacant look on Max's face and blood flows out of his nose and down his exposed chest. "Jack that was three times." I call out. I angle you so you can see jack punch max once in the face, once in the gut to wind him and then once down below, just out of frame, to make his wince and cough up some more blood as his face crunches in pain. Y

No Rules Brad:: I watch in terror as jack continues to punch the shit out of max! The punch bellow the screen makes max cry out loudly and his head droops.. blood just dripping onto his chest and lap.. I just look on in pain..

Ifonly: I kick you in the small of your back with my knee and you fall to the floor, "jack...would you wake up Max for us." Jack taps his face and his head comes up."Now there is one simple way to end this Brad...say out lout to us, that you submit...and say it like this...I submit to you sir. I hold up your head and have you face the screen.

No Rules Brad:: You hold me up as you hold my head and max wakes up.. desperate for the pain to end.. to save max.. no matter what it takes.. "yes sir!" I yell loudly.. "I submit to you sir!" I say even louder so the whole crowd can hear... some of them laughing at my shame..

Ifonly: "Good boy" I say "Jack, thank you, you can go now" he waves bye to the camera but not before showing off the blood on his fist "Now you're my pet" I say. "Get on your knees and bark for me boy." I grab that collar from before and place it back on you, "now bark boy"

No Rules Brad:: I get on all fours.. "yes sir" I say as you put the collar on me.. I start making barking noises and the crowd laughs and cheers.. you yank the chain and I bark more and louder for you.. getting walked around the ring like a dog...

No Rules Brad:: The crowd are loving it as I am humiliated and shamed like a bitch..

Ifonly: "Whose a good boy?" I say and you bark in return. I can only guess what is going through Max's mind as he watches this. I rip off your bloodied boxers and then come around your front and I take my dick out and order you to open wide, this is also the first chance I've had to examine the damage...I see your left eye is back and tie face is covered in open wounds, your nose appears to have been broken and blood that was pouring out has dried a little, your lips are swollen as well. You start to suck my cock and as I force right down the back of your throat, you choke a little. The audience laugh at you "can't you take it all" I say "is it too big for you?"

No Rules Brad:: You humiliate me further by stripping me naked, my 6" cock swings freely as you pull yours out and force it in my mouth, I suck it slowly until you force it down my neck and make me choke! I can't answer as you fuck my throat!

Ifonly: My 6" goes all the way down and you are pressed right against my sweaty body. You continue sucking me for a few minuets and I show offer. Posing around. I then pull my cock out of your mouth and wave at max...I then order you to turn around and I start to fuck you. Paying no attention to weather your uncomfortable or not...just take you as my price

No Rules Brad:: You keep fucking my mouth and eventually pull out.. I pant and cough trying to catch my breath as you force me to turn around... I do so and your cock forces its way inside of me! You start pounding me from behind and I let out grunts and cries as max watches in shock.. getting fucked as the crowd laughs and takes photos ..

Ifonly: I fuck you harder and harder, pulling up on the lead which pulls your neck up. I pound more and more...going further and further. And getting off to sounds of you crying in pain. I then force my cock in as far as it would go. You yelp out..."you sounded just like a dog. One of those little pathetic ones) and I lift you up...while I'm still in you and I place your body over the ropes so I'm now looking at Max. You've given up trying to resist.
No Rules Brad:: Still getting fucked silly as you pull on the lead and make me whimper like a bitch... you drape me over the rope as you fuck me senseless and stare at max.. I look up at him and he looks crushed... but I can barely see straight anymore as your cock fucks me out of my mind

Ifonly: I continue fucking you and I end up cumming in your ass. I groan with pleasure and the crowd roars. I then pull out and use your boxers to clean my self, before I pull you off the ropes and throw you on the floor, your almost out of it, so I come and lay down behind you so I can apply a sleeper hold via a headlock, I squess just enough to control you, I then reach around and start to jack you off

No Rules Brad:: You slam me and paint my insides white! You throw me down and start choking me whilst jacking off my hard cock! "Oh fuck" I mumble as you pump me hard! I'm about to blow!

Ifonly: I feel your cock explode as cum goes all over the mat and up your chest. Just as your cumming I squeeze hard enough to send you out, the last feeling you have is your orgasm before you fade off...I hold the choke a little longer then I should, making sure that you are completely out. I pull my arm away and stand up, I survey the pool of blood and cum that I've left you in while the audience is cheering...I then feel your neck for a pulse as you lay on your side before kicking you over so your on your back with your legs facing Max. I put my trunks back on and I throw yours on your face. I walk off to thunderous applause and cheering

No Rules Brad:: I lay flat on my back as I come to.. boxers on my face as you walk away and the crowd goes mad.. covered in blood bruises and cum... I get up and drip cum everywhere as I stagger away myself..the crowd laughing at me as I leave.. max not even looking at my beaten fucked useless body...

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The Iron SeaRebellion1's blog

Wrestling has been a love of mine for a long time and recently I have come to rely on my hobby a lot more than usual.

Someone close to me is very unwell, and the situation is not improving sadly. At an already poor time of year, as I lost my father in July some years ago, I find myself yearning to wrestle. During the day I barely seem to function; not concentrating on work or friends/family but thinking of wrestling. A constant companion.

Is it a desire to escape? Is it the one place where I can leave the troubles of my current life away? And simply grapple with someone, and not think about anything else, other than a desire to stay awake and fight back.

Apparently an iron sea is a term when someone is facing an uncertain future and feels powerless to surface. At this time there has never been a better way to describe how I'm feeling and I am grateful for everyone, family, friends and Wrestlers who are helping me with my ascent.

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Lift and Carry Session with Spotland ScrappersSJB's blog

I was very fortunate to meet with two very strong lifters from Spotland Scrapoers (see profile on the site) recently on a trip to Manchester. After visiting their website and seeing lots of strong wrestlers on their site, I contacted them to see if any of them would be willing to meet with me for a lift and carry session. Within an hour the site owner made contact with me and said there were two guys in particular who may be up for it and I exchanged more emails to set up the visit. I arrived on a Saturday afternoon a little nervous I must admit, but as soon as I got there I received a most friendly and warm welcome. The two guys, Young Ady (also has a profile on here) and Lofty Valentino were extremely muscular and well built, very friendly and even better for me, were willing to give me a few lifts. As I am quite a heavy guy, I was a little concerned that perhaps it might not have been possible, I certainly need not have worried as each of them were more than capable to lift and carry me. We went through a list of 38 variations of lifts and I am happy to say that they managed every one of them. The majority of them they were able to perform individually, only a very few of the more complicated ones required both of them to perform on me. It was great to get each individual lift done on me twice by each individual guy and certainly they took their time over it and it was not like a short lift. I would say that every lift they did on me was a favourite, however, the most memorable for me (as it is a favourite) were the shoulder rides. The entire session lasted just over two hours and it was certainly the best way I have spent a Saturday afternoon in a long time! Afterwards, we made a lift and carry video with the two wrestlers from the team, it was great and I have watched it many times since to remind me of the great time I had on that Saturday afternoon. As well as being serious wrestlers and extremely strong guys, they are really friendly and did not mind at all in giving me a lift and carry session; it was like spending an afternoon with good mates rather than having a round or two with fighters! I cannot recommend them highly enough, if like me, you are really into being lifted and carried, do make contact with them to arrange it, also as we are all on this site for wrestling, they are great guys to have a good wrestle with. I certainly will be going back again when I'm next in Manchester.

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Choke outAlvarojiujitsu's blog

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Neu hierSixpackPoser19's Blog

Cool endlich hier zu sein, habe lange nach ner Seite für Muskeln gesucht,
Schon klar dass das hier nicht gay shit ist, aber lerne gerade viele coole Jungs kennen.
Bin muskelsüchtig, einzige Seite hier, die das bietet für Halb-Homo wie mich.

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First Time JobbingKoiboy's blog

So a quick about me as first blog... ever. New to site, trained in pro WWE style wrestling with Judo, MMA and Boxing experience. Competitive streak, like a challenge, strong and can take a lot of punishment. Needless to say I don't job out. You want that win you gotta earn it.

As I'm a lot stronger than I used to be and have had training, it's fair to say that I can be somewhat cocky when it comes to physical contests. So on my first week or so on site, no matches under my belt yet, I see a profile that catches my eye. Big lad, (good, I can't just overpower him with raw strength), much more experienced than myself, knows of a ring and good looking to boot, (nice little bonus).

Reading though I see he mentions how much of a "heel" he is. Pfft I think, I play a heel on pro shows that's nothing to worry about, (more on this error later), and how he likes to dominate opponents. "This is someone I'd like to go against and show what I can do". Message after message follow and we arrange to meet in a couple of days.

Before we even meet he starts showing how heel he is by smack talking like no tomorrow. I think this is all just for show and cocky me bites and taunts back, agreeing to a stakes fight, this guy got nothing on me. Now I fully expect him to just be for show and all his "wins" just real jobbers letting him work them over.

Day of match I pull up at his chosen ring, Grove Park I think. In street clothes he didn't look much a threat, loose fitting top, shorts, spiked hair, but better looking than his pictures give him credit. We greet and proceed to the ring, where he tells me I can get changed out back and he'll do it in the ring. I change into my red singlet with Jock underneath. I walk out to the ring to find him looking hot warming up in some black Orton style trunks and black vest top... REALLY?.. I'll have to rip that off him later.

We go nose to nose for some pre match taunts and get started, right off the bat he moves a lot faster than I expected, throwing me over in a suplex. We roll around and he ends up on sat on my face, inexperience showing, I go to pull him off with my legs only to find him catch them and learn forward for the slowest 10 count of my life, folded up under him I was trapped, his bulge planted firmly on my face.

He gets off, we wrestle for about half hour or so, I get one or two subs.... he gets many more. I spring up ready for action after each though. He then starts showing what heel really means, locking in constant breath control, chokes, deathlocks, and all manner of other dirty, distracting tactics.

It's a truly hot day and after an hour and half of hot, full on wrestling we are both drenched head to toe in sweat, my singlet and jock long since ripped off, and him topless and Orton trunks gone.... but he still had a sweaty jock on himself, which is probably the only that had stopped me giving up entirely, I was fully turned on by this guy.

It all came to an end when he managed to tie me up in the corner, legs split wide, everything hanging on show, fully at his heel mercy. He had won, I was tired, sweaty, horny and couldn't escape. I had no choice but to concede defeat and, once free, hand over my jock as one of his stake prizes. He fully jobbed me out.

I learned two things from this; One - I have a lot to learn about submission wrestling and Two - Heels on here are the real deal.

This guy has set the bar and my expectations sky high. I am counting down the days until our rematch and have full respect for him. I would love to tag with him at some point and learn more about being a heel.

I went in a cocky young wrestler full of arrogance, I came out, at least on that day, a jobber.

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