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Gutpunching give/take/trade

Gutpunching - dishing and/or receiving.
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noir243 1 dagen geleden

A video of me demonstrating some martial arts out on the water in Florida

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Jimmy Elijah 2 dagen geleden

Don’t give a shit if it gets 0 stars. Posting for the guys who get it ;)

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Anr 2 dagen geleden

Gutpunching opponent

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ozboxer 2 dagen geleden

gut punching hard and heavy...

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gutpunchmehard 4 dagen geleden

Luchadorargentino pounding my gut 2

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ClaymoreAlexander 6 dagen geleden

Gutpunching training with a few guys

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alfilotta 8 dagen geleden


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powerlifter 8 dagen geleden

posing a little

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adidaswrestling 9 dagen geleden

Submission grappling

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16000 Members, Password Security

Hello Fighters,

Important announcement: If you are using your MeetFighters password on other sites, change your password now. Sharing a password increases the risk of your account being hacked. Scroll down for more.

But let's start with some great news: our beloved site, MeetFighters, now has over 16000 members worldwide! This is a time to celebrate, open a bottle of champagne and be merry!

At the time of writing, we have


Password Security

We recently had a nasty incident originating from another site. Normally here at MeetFighters we love competition and to trade links with similar sites. We believe that friendly rivalry is 100% in line with our theme as a fighting site. We had this disposition when we were the smallest, and have now that we are the largest.

Since the start, we have the utmost respect for our members' privacy. We do not participate in any advertising networks or other schemes that could compromise your browsing experience.

Unfortunately not every site shares our sunny disposition. We recently discovered that the operator of another site, f******** (site name redacted, you'll see why), has taken the password of a MeetFighters member from his site database, and used it to break into that member's MeetFighters account. He then proceeded to send messages, impersonating that member, in an attempt to redirect others to his site and soliciting some to send e-mails to him. He could do this because our member was naive enough to use the same password on both sites.

Photo credit: BMN Network

We have contacted the site operator and warned him that such criminal activity will not be tolerated, and if he makes any further attempts we will turn over all the evidence that we have gathered to the authorities.

The sad part is that we would have been happy to do link exchange with his little site, like any other wrestling personals site, if he just contacted us directly like a normal person. Instead, he chose to run a number of sock puppets with the best stolen male pictures that the internet could provide, trying to push his scam operation. Needless to say, we are not so ready to do link exchange anymore or to name them here.

To summarize: If you use the same password on other sites, change it now. Your account's security is important to us; let it be important to you too.


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