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full nelson ( hold )

full nelson move or some called it master lock
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PJBoxxxer1 1 uur geleden

Shadow boxing warmup! 8/4/18

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ClaymoreAlexander 10 uur geleden

Boxing Weigh-In Professional

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[2_5] (15 stemmen)
LUTADOR MADURO 19 uur geleden

Luta mma comum muleke lutador de rua

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[4_5] (15 stemmen)
Torrnado 1 dagen geleden

Another mid match clip from our grudge match.

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[5] (5 stemmen)
Nettuno86 1 dagen geleden

I upload a new video about a sparring in K1 style with a friend professional. He is also a great coach. Have a nice vision!

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Hillbilly huge 1 dagen geleden

Trying a new bearhug on Lorak

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[4_5] (38 stemmen)
chicagopiledriver 3 dagen geleden

Sweaty back and forth match with the Big Guys

790 keer bekeken.
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Lookintowrestle 3 dagen geleden

Some innocent fun in an empty

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tribod 5 dagen geleden

gym pump

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