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Just a big guy who likes wrestling around for the body contact and whatever else happens. Very respectful, kind of handsome, and really enjoy chatting/meeting with guys into the same stuff. Not into smokers or anything fake. I like the real deal...whether I win or not. I also give a great massage...total body....;)

I'm back on after a bit of a break (long story) so if we wrestled in the past, put me down as a past opponent. I forget how many of you guys I kicked ass with. LOL....ok, some I didn't do so well with cuz you were absolute beasts. Some were hotties and made my knees weak, so you had an unfair advantage. Love the camaraderie of this site....

Prefer guys around my age (50+) and my weight (230+). If you have your own mats, that's the best but will do a motel match if we can set it up. Am recovering from surgery and will be back on the mats soon. Be patient, and yes, I will gladly kick ur butt. And more...;)

I like to fool around and joke a lot...so if u're a hot head or super serious, guaranteed I'll piss u off fast. That said, just let me know to stop the trash talk and I'll adjust. Enough with the stupid blocking thing unless someone is acting dangerous. My friends know me...and even u uber-serious wrestlers need to take a chill pill. Or I'll come after u and show u what a total defeat is like...so bring it on! No fear....grrrr...



Opzet van gevecht: Gelijke strijd, Stoeien, Online kletsen, Ik doe niet aan cyber
Staand vechten: Niet geïnteresseerd in staand vechten
Overige interesses: Massage, Vriendschap, Prijs voor de winnaar / straf voor de verliezer
Fetisjen: Ik ben op zoek naar seks, Aftrekken, Naakt worstelen, Bodybuilder-fetisj


  1. Verenigde Staten - New York, Hamburg
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Ik ben bereid 100 kilometers voor een gevecht te reizen

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Leeftijd: man van 61 jaar, zoekt man

Persoonlijke details: 188 cm, 118 kg

Spreekt: Duits, Engels, Frans, Italiaans

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WrestleSweat007 aanbevolen door Rusnak

Great guy. He shows up and is ready to go at it. Great guy on and off the mats. Looking forward to our rematch



Rusnak aanbevolen door WrestleSweat007

The man is like wrestling an oncoming freight train. He bowled me over...I was helpless...not that I minded that at all. What a sweetheart tho off the mats. The nicest guy u could meet. One day, I'll kick his butt...well maybe in a parallel universe. But can't recommend him enough. Better bring ur best game and be stronger than most cuz this man will NOT go down. Awesome guy...



WrestleSweat007 aanbevolen door steve6729

Great guy. Beat me and was the better man that day. I look forward to meeting him again. Strong and quick. He will give you a great match



steve6729 aanbevolen door WrestleSweat007

Met up with Steve a year or so back and we had a great time. The guy is big, handsome and a great host. That combination just made me more eager to get him down and make him tap. I highly recommend this monster ... but don't be surprised to find a teddy bear underneath it all....I'm sure we'll meet up again!



WrestleSweat007 aanbevolen door RhodyRaybo

I met Wrestlesweat several years ago only once. But, it was a great match. He's very strong and very down to earth. He also has a very wicked sense of humor. He's been a good friend ever since. Even though we haven't seen each other since, we've face chatted, talked on the phone, and texted each other many times, knowing someday we will meet again. He's the complete package, great wrestler, great guy, and lots of fun both physically and personally.



RhodyRaybo aanbevolen door WrestleSweat007

Writing a recommendation for my fav Rhody is going to seem over the top cuz he's a total hairy beast on the mats and one of my fav buddies on this site. He loves to wrestle and he's really good and getting better and stronger all the time. That said, I would take him on again in a second. If I ever ever hear of anyone dissing him or putting him down, that stupid guy will answer to me. I am Rhody's bud, his bodyguard, his guy... I really love this man. U will too. He's 100% recommended...over and over...



MAwrestler aanbevolen door WrestleSweat007

Loved meeting up with this guy...great wrestler and the best host u could ever hope for. Just a prince of a guy to chat with about wrestling or anyting else...(super smart...) I can't recommend him enough...he's a buddy, a friend and the best this site has to offer...



WrestleSweat007 aanbevolen door dadwrestle

Met this big man few years back when I had mats in my apartment in London. We had an awesome tussle!! Safe and sane but he likes it a bit rough! If you get the chance, face him on the mats. You won't regret it! 100% Recommended!



dadwrestle aanbevolen door WrestleSweat007

This man is a beast. If u are a weak twink, move along. He is so strong and so skilled. We had one of the best wrestling experiences of my life. He is a perfect gentleman, on and off the mats, but he wrestles to win and u better bring ur best game, or he'll destroy u. I can't say enough good things about him. If I ever get back to the UK, he's at the top of my list. Love this Brit...big time...



WrestleSweat007 aanbevolen door LuckyLarryLoser

Great guy. Tall. Strong. More than kinda handsome. Funny. Can be a heel or jobber. An all around good man. A pleasure.



LuckyLarryLoser aanbevolen door WrestleSweat007

It's been a while since Larry and I met up for a great motel match. Some times it just happens that you click immediately with an opponent–and we sure did. We continue to stay in touch through this great site. Count yourself lucky to be a past opponent–and even more so a friend of this incredibly friendly and strong guy. I certainly do. He's highly, highly recommended. And if u're stupid enough to mess or diss my buddy Larry, u'll be hearing from me...just saying....;)