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MeetFighters.com is een sociaal netwerk voor vechters. Hier kunnen zij elkaar ontmoeten, en hun passie voor vechten en voor alles wat daarbij hoort delen.

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“I have to say I wouldn't have matches without this site. I've been on many that have gone away and some that are still around for 20+ years, whenever I got internet for the first time (dial up) and this is the only site I've met real people and had regular matches from. I've had 10-12 matches in the last 2 or 3 years vs maybe 4 in the previous 20 from other sites.
My only real complaint is if someone deletes their profile you lose that match, took me a while to get past 2 or 3 matches because of those who delete and rejoin on a regular basis.
Aside from that I have had some awesome meets and met some great guys, far fewer flakes and wank fantasy seekers on here too.
Keep it up!”

Kureitondes, vrijdag 9 december 2016