Mattfighter aanbevolen door oskar (18.9.2018)

Toda una evelacion en lucha, increible estado, cuerpazooo. Muy fuerte y habil.Recomendado 100%. Espero se repita, sera un lujo


grapplingguy aanbevolen door gymrat (18.9.2018)

Gapplingguy was the "main attraction" at a group/tourney held with 6 participants last night in Jersey City, in a large room with mats. We essentially took turns, mostly against GG, but also against each other.

Grapplingguy is a serious BJJ grappler - living up to his screen name well. Through the evening he showed his mastery not just of holds nad submission moves, but of how to use balance, position, stance and time strategically. Chess on the mats. He's also 180# of tall, lean muscle and can control opponents extremely well. Fun, (and funny!), on and off the mats.

Thanks to him for helping each of us with our technique, wrestling to our levels (well below his!) and in fact even stopping in the middle to say "so what is he doing wrong?" :-) A youtube tutorial com to life.

Highly recommended for serious grapplers or those wishing top learn.


wrestle49 aanbevolen door otterslacks (18.9.2018)

After a long time of trying to set something up, I finally got to roll around with this stud and it was well worth the wait! Super chill, nice, and had built, strong body with an amazing hairy chest. He definitely had his way with me a few times but I could hold my own. Strip wrestled and had a killer sweaty and sexy time 😬


otterslacks aanbevolen door wrestle49 (18.9.2018)

Had a sexy, sweaty time with this otter. Did a fun strip match with some back and forth. Way more scrappy than I anticipated. But I think we both enjoyed our match quite a bit ;)


guillotine aanbevolen door hostilius3 (18.9.2018)

Je dirais que guillotine porte très bien son nom =), il faut faire attention a ne pas laissé trainer sa tête sinon on se retrouve directement coincé. Il est très réactif et sautera sur la moindre opportunité après il est difficile de s'en sortir donc méfiez vous avant de partir tête baissé =).Malgré le peu de temps qu'on ait eu c'est une personne très souriante et de bonne humeur alors vous pouvez y allez les yeux fermés mais à garder ouvert pendant le combat =)


JUDOMARS aanbevolen door hostilius3 (18.9.2018)

Que dire de plus =), c'était une super rencontre, on a déjà affaire à un mec sympa dès le début, souriant et à voir la carrure on sait que le combat ne va pas être facile. Une fois sur les tapis, on a affaire à une belle bête qui ne va pas être facile de maîtriser et vous pousser à tout donner (je pense ne jamais avoir autant transpiré dans un combat =) ) 3h de combat qui sont passés comme si c'était 30 min. Si vous avez encore la force de parler après le combat, on peut facilement passer un très bon moment en sa compagnie et apprendre pas mal de choses, çà sera avec plaisir que je le revoie


Guysmiley aanbevolen door Ohiowrestler43 (18.9.2018)

Locked up with Guy as he visited Ohio. Having wrestled him numerous times I knew I was in for a battle. He didn't disappoint, as he destroyed me on the mats. His scissors holds are by far the best. His strength and punches brought me to my knees. A fun and safe man to wrestle.


Brakus aanbevolen door londonscissors69 (18.9.2018)

I had the good fortune to meet Brakus whilst in Milan for 3 days (he was very forthcoming with response and commitment: unlike some other wrestlers in Milan who just never bother to respond) ... he is everything I hoped he would be from his profile and messages sent back & forth prior to our meet. It was a relatively short meet due to both our commitments, but I can highly recommend him: he loves wrestling gear (as do I) ... and he looked very much the wrestler in boots, wrestling leotard and mask (the heat of the bout made it impossible to keep the mask on, but he looked HOT in it/as in very sexy). He's smaller than me, but uses his body to great effect to block holds/get out of them... and come back at you with his own defence and attack. I'm not sure I could say if there was a "winner", as I believe we were both enjoying the Man vs Man wrestling combat...... all I can say is that it was a pleasure to meet such a charming, handsome and sexy wrestler in Milan. Don't miss the opportunity to meet him if you can.


readyforit aanbevolen door Tanker (18.9.2018)

Charming, modest ,friendly humorous french gentleman who looks a bit like Sacha Distel.
On the mats a different animal.
Fit, skilled (Bjj trained), very focused, surprising amount of strength in his willowy frame with a limpet like grip (once he locks on a hold he takes some prising off) and moves like quicksilver! You will needs your wits about you! Safe and sane. He will challenge wrestlers of any size and ability.


grapplingguy aanbevolen door sisuperman (18.9.2018)

What was scheduled to be a group of fighters taking on one fighter in a round robin tournament of 7 minute rounds with one minute rest between rounds 🤼‍♂️.....
Well, what we got was 3+ hours of straining muscles, 💪🏻tons of sweat,💦instructions on techniques,🥋a greater understanding and appreciation of the sport, face to face meet ups of fighters who up to this point have only engaged in chatting, and loads of fun....
In other words the night was a complete success. 👏🏻👏🏻
Many thanks to njrassler, builtbod, RuffEnuf, gymrat and Biceplovr for participating and of course grapplingguy for being the key player in making this a successful event..
We must do this more often, you all are Champions 🏆5/1/2018
Where do I begin....
I spent an incredible week hosting grapplingguy, who as stated many times on here, is an incredibly strong 💪🏻 and skilled 🥋grappler 🤼‍♂️, a true "ALPHA FIGHTING MACHINE" in addition to having an awesome personality.
I was able to prearrange some bouts and hosted them at my place for some fun times.
The highlights of his visit were many,
I rolled with him in what I would call more of an “instructional bout” than a “competitive” one and he still beat me up 😉 always mindful of my back issues and I enjoyed every moment.
I appreciated him teaching me some defensive moves🥋, insisting that I take notes and even giving me “homework.”
We worked out🏋🏻‍♀️ together where he also gave me tips and instructions to elevate my routines to the next level and afterwards we spent some quality time relaxing in the steam room and sauna.
He is truly an inspiration and role model to me and I wish we lived closer as I would train with him on a daily basis.
Thanks buddy for an awesome week, a better friend cannot be found on here and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the fall 😊
We chatted for many months and he graciously agreed to let me set up a match for him during his recent business trip to NYC to witness him in action. When we met and he demonstrated some of his training routines and holds for me and I could feel his power.
In the ring he is a Beast. He is very muscled and defined, extremely skilled, a true Alpha dominant fighter.
After the match we went to an Irish pub in Hoboken, NJ to watch UFC and possibly find a challenger...we watched the fight but couldn't find a worthy contender in the pub full of drunk punks...lol
He is smart, kind, generous and considerate and an all around fun guy to be with and I have truly found a great friend.
Till next time...