MT59801 aanbevolen door Fitzy1983 (27.5.2017)

Met this guy in his apartment in NYC! Great host, very friendly, enjoyed his company.... He certainly introduced me to the ropes!!!! Enjoyed pushing his limits... And mine! Hook up with him for a fun time in the mats!!!


LutadorPA aanbevolen door wrestlersp (27.5.2017)

O combate rola há anos. Cara também grande, ombros q já mostram q vào dar trabalho. E treina JJ. Luta de disputa forte reconhecidamente por ambos. Segunda luta rolou com os dois na sunga no esquema greco romana, em pé. Demorou pra gente cair. Mas ai ele me esmagou. Só q mesmo ficando por cima, demorou pra eu perder a respiração. Me enganchei nele tempo inteiro, uns 20 min. Dei trabalho. Rolou a terceira hj pois ele veio a SP de maneira inesperada. Pegamos leve, mas ambos esmagando e curtindo legal. Como sempre é conosco!


wrestlersp aanbevolen door LutadorPA (27.5.2017)

Finalmente lutamos. Grande, forte, corajoso... Eu passaria horas ali naquela pegada dura, chave de perna robusta... Revanche concedida!

Tínhamos que lutar de novo! É um super adversário! Cara muito forte e cada vez melhor na pegada. Quase ele me estrangula. Sempre que eu estiver em São Paulo quero enfrentá-lo. É o cara! (Set. /2015)

Terceira luta: passagem rapida por SP e aproveitei para um treininho leve só de sunga. O cara sempre é o oponente perfeito na força e golpes. (maio 2017)


zulkarnain aanbevolen door gemini92 (27.5.2017)

Update (May 2017) Met up Zul again and it was yet another great, sweaty and steamy match. I've improved slightly since the last time and it was definitely much more fun this time round. The match was aggressive and there was plenty of trash-talking and submission/sleeper holds. looking forward to our next match.


Highly recommended. He was the first guy I met from this site and he was really nice. He was very patient in guiding me as it was my first time really doing wrestling with another guy in such a context. The match was nice, sweaty and tough and definitely learnt a lot.

He's strong and has a nice body and also very easy to talk to. Highly recommended for sure and it was an excellent first experience. :)


sgboxerkid aanbevolen door iltwn (27.5.2017)

Sgboxerkid and I donned the gloves and battled it out over a number of rounds. It was a good tough but immensely enjoyable match. He is skilled but hopefully I gave as good as I got. My body felt it the next day! If you are into boxing, I highly recommend him!


gazst aanbevolen door BRIT PRO HEEL (26.5.2017)

i have just had an amazing wrestle with this great guy, we met tonight at Barnet 26th may 2017, and we hit the mats, very sweaty, an absolute blast, hes strong, great on the mats, safe and sane, loff the mats a true gent, lovely guy, I hope we can repeat the second round very soon , thanks Gary


atwoodfred aanbevolen door Mike100 (26.5.2017)

If you want a real treat, atwoodfred is a really good opponent and a gentleman to boot. Had a great time and look forward to meeting again for more rounds.


Orangesky aanbevolen door judo sniper (26.5.2017)

After chatting for a day or so, I made the trip up to KY to meet up with Orangesky. The first night he came by the hotel for a formal introduction. The second night we rolled around for about 5 hours! This dude is definitely the STRONGEST opponent I've ever wrestled. He claims to be a newbie but I beg to differ. He used his size and strength like a pro to dominate me a number of times. I hate to admit it but he even forced me to call him 'daddy' while being pinned down LOL. He's athletic, reliable, smart (ass) and trustworthy. This was one of my favorite matches and easiest meetups ever. I definitely recommend him for anybody looking for a good tussle. I know I would wrestle him again in a heartbeat; hopefully he feels the same way about another meetup.


Scrapperlad86 aanbevolen door RNC36 (26.5.2017)

Known Scrapperlad for about a decade now, met a few times, most recent being 2 years ago. Solid strong rugby player type build, nice guy who likes a competitive sub match. not got him to tap yet but have been close. He is tough and strong with some skill but also safe and sane and a nice guy off the mats

Can be tricky to meet due to his schedule but worth persevering. Definitely recommended !


judo sniper aanbevolen door Orangesky (26.5.2017)

Judo_sniper and i met after a few days of trash talking to one another about what one another was going to do to the other when met. We wrestled from 7pm to 12am. I recommend anyone who wants to test their strength and endurance to definitely wrestle around with this guy. He is very competitive, a strong individual. Nice guy. He won most of the rounds so I'll let him have the victory this time. Nah he won the match fair and square. He definitely delivered what he said he was gonna do.


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