ProShouto aanbevolen door edscissors (16.7.2018)

A superb example of the genus "MF Youngus Personus". After a couple of false starts (nobody's fault: these things just happen) we had a most enjoyable meeting to chat, to pass the time of day together whilst exchanging some friendly holds. Proshouto definitely has very strong scissors ... though I'm not sure he was actually able to make me tap.

But he's great. I felt immediately at ease with him; he is highly articulate, interesting and comfortable to be with; he is tolerant, enthusiastic, polite and good fun; also considerate and safe. His communication beforehand was excellent and he turned up as exactly as arranged. What more could one ask, apart from when our next wrestle will be? Recommended - no hesitation.

Update - mid July 2018. A second meeting confirms that he is interesting, reliable, safe, good company - just a nice, friendly young man.


lutteur174 aanbevolen door Pat-brest (16.7.2018)

Très belle rencontre ce matin dans le Kreiz Breizh, Xavier est un hôte chaleureux et convivial, merci pour le café et le massage, et surtout pour cette belle initiation à quelques prises de lutte et au combat en général...
Le tout dans la bonne humeur et l'énergie ..
Quelle force, quelle pédagogie dans le combat, quelle belle personne en dehors des tapis :)
À refaire dès que possible !!!
Je recommande Xavier très chaleureusement aux gars expérimentés, comme aux débutants :)


The Arrow aanbevolen door IRLguy (16.7.2018)

So it finally happened...I got to take on The Arrow. This cocky, muscular beast had been openly taunting and trash talking me prior to our meet, so I happily returned fire....but the talking was done and it was time to see who could back up their words.

Arrow had hit the gym HARD the day before and was clearly tender from a tough gym session. You COULD choose to see this as an advantage on my part, but as he mentioned, he had wanted to get pumped for the match, so clearly I had won the psychological battle, as he was clearly worried about the challenge I might pose.

Arrow had a clear size advantage and set about trying to dominate the match, but he quickly found out that there was plenty of strength coming right back at him. It was fun to see the look in his eye as he realised he had massively underestimated me. He has some clear weaknesses that I had no problem exploiting, giving me a massive upper hand as I set about systematically dismantling him.

I could go into greater detail about the relatively decent attempt he made to get a win, but I don’t see the point....The muscular Arrow was soundly and comprehensively defeated by submission....which I demanded he reiterate louder and louder before I released him.

After his bitter acceptance of defeat, I set about claiming my prize. To say I had been waiting a long time to dismantle Arrow would be an understatement, so I was not going to miss the opportunity to take every ounce of satisfaction from a humiliated, beaten, exhausted muscle stud like him.

Hearing an opponent like Arrow literally beg for mercy among other things, is something I will keep as a trophy for a long time to come. Taking his dominant alpha status and transforming him into a submissive, quivering wreck is another!

I am eagerly awaiting a rematch, although I’m sure he will be much more careful with his words in future, as every insult he threw prior to the match was served back to him in a more physical form afterwards. I want to beat him down and claim that prize all over again and as soon as he recovers, I’m sure he now realises that he wants that too!

On top of everything, he’s a really nice guy and we had a great day both during the match and afterwards. Full recommendation and I’m already ready and waiting for more.


Pat-brest aanbevolen door lutteur174 (16.7.2018)

Une petite découverte....C'est qu'il aime ça ce jeune débutant.... j'ai bien compris ce que tu veux, on va vite fait se remettre au tapis tkte je te donne 6 mois pour prendre le dessus pas plus.... Sinon tu vas payer cher....C'est un jeu et çà aussi tu l'as compris. Hé les mecs je vous le recommande.


awill92 aanbevolen door calwrestler (16.7.2018)

Alex drove down for a match w me on short notice and we had a terrific time....2+ hours non-stop wrestling. He was the jobber who fought back....quick to find an "in" or weakness, blind spot. I had the weight and experience but struggled at times to make him submit! He resisted submitting impressively.
Nice chat over Thai food....an ideal Sunday afternoon. Just the first of more to come.....


Fighterkid93 aanbevolen door Rower87 (16.7.2018)

We met only for a verry short match. We had several rounds, and dispite the fact I was his 5th or 6th opponent that weekend, he still had energy left. Behind his friendly face and smile is a warrior with great stamina. A friendly and skilled guy. And when I get to Stockholm I will take my revenge. Can't wait.


lbgrappler aanbevolen door Yngrasslr00 (16.7.2018)

Glad I got the chance to meet this tall grappler...almost didn't happen but we managed to turn it around for a late night match at his hotel. Great guy who definitely loves to wrestle and will definitely roll! Though he had a major height advantage, I managed to keep him at bay and sneak in subs when I saw my chance lol. Lots of fun and would meet again when he is back to visit. Hit him up!


mikej7777 aanbevolen door jacoregon (16.7.2018)

I really enjoyed meeting and wrestling Mike. He is strong, sexy, and willing to accommodate other’s interest and needs. Definitely hope we can pick up from where we left off.


FightNHB UK aanbevolen door innerspace (16.7.2018)

Met Peter in an Eastbourne hotel room. After chatting for some time we were both fired up for the meet. This slim, compact little guy has lots of energy and looks great in his gear - which definitely got my attention. We had limited space so we didnt go full on, but I enjoyed dominating him, pinning and playing with him.
Round 2 when you're up for it Peter.


wrestlerrr aanbevolen door alphawrestler (16.7.2018)

I met with wrestlerrr after talking for couple of months. Before we met, we knew we will have a great wrestling match since our stats are similar. We wrestled almost 6-7 hours total in 2 days. He is very strong and fast learner. We had a long, sweaty submission match. I ended up dominating him at the end of our two matches but he gave me very hard time and made me submit many times. We also tried some of our favorite holds and improved our skills together. He has strong legs which makes him a very tough opponent. Off the mat, he is very polite, friendly and nice guy. We had a great time during our meeting. I want to fight him again for sure. I definitely recommend him.