omr24 aanbevolen door Toronto25 (26.9.2017)

Nice guy, strong legs and just as hot as his photos. Brief match as it was in the middle of a brutal heatwave but I would recommend him.


stockholmfun aanbevolen door DenverWrestler (26.9.2017)

This scrappy lightweight guy was a lot of fun to wrestle. Even when I had him in nasty head or bodyscissors, he kept flopping around trying to get loose, and he definitely has a nice lean hairy body. He's a very good jobber and I'm sure other heels out there will have fun wrestling him. He is also reliable – it was easy to schedule the match, and he showed up as planned.


discover aanbevolen door brown diamond (26.9.2017)

Great opponent! Competitive, strength and mostly fun. Fully recomended and I cant wait for the next time


Jotakle aanbevolen door Tynesider (26.9.2017)

It was a real pleasure to finally meet John for an outdoor match.

I was very impressed at the effort he put in to getting to the meeting place near Holy Island and then, when we started to wrestle, his sheer tenacity and willingness to learn and practice some moves and holds. We tried some punching and he was equally tenacious at that; easily returning everything I threw at him.

It has been a very enjoyable, fun meet and I'm happy to recommend him.

PS; He could work on his memory but I'll let him explain that.


e townwrestlr aanbevolen door Tiomorbo (26.9.2017)

Great and strong wrestler. We had a great time and I hope we can repeat someday


mason brooks aanbevolen door Prosub JT (26.9.2017)

Great match. You can tell he’s experienced right away, and he’s a lot stronger than he looks! It had to take two of us to bring him down, and even that was a challenge. Great guy off the mats, too. Can’t wait for a rematch!


Pecsalot aanbevolen door Galifter84 (26.9.2017)

This guy is a great friend of mine and my first opponent, we've been able to meet several times since that first. Honestly can't say enough good things about him and I'm proud to call him a wrestling bud. Always enjoy our matches. Highly recommend him!


ProudBrute78 aanbevolen door Galifter84 (26.9.2017)

This guy was fun to roll with. Met up as he was headed through the area one day and glad we did. Being bigger, he was a handful and tough. Enjoyed meeting him and I recommend him


Fred tls aanbevolen door litewt78 (26.9.2017)

I met fred_tls for an erotic wrestling match. Unfortunately there was not very much room in my hotel, but we still managed to have a fun encounter. Fred_tls looked good in my turquoise squarecuts and I often found myself smothered by my own trunks! Eventually, the gear was stripped off and one could say that there were only winners, no loser. ;)
Perhaps an oil wrestling match would be necessary for the next meeting!
Highly recommended for a fun time.


ladron fr aanbevolen door litewt78 (26.9.2017)

I met with ladron_fr for a wrestling match. As soon as I saw him in his tight navy blue speedo, I knew that I would need erotic moves to claim a victory. He was not afraid to use those moves against me as well! There were several times when the speedos could not restrain the bulges during the match... I would highly recommend ladron_fr for wrestling..beware of his distractions.. :)


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