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  • During a gutpunch session 3/31/2016, I as puncher, sweat and all ‒ Geplaatst op 01.4.2016
  • During a gutpunch session 3/31/2016, I as puncher, sweat and all ‒ Geplaatst op 01.4.2016
  • Gutpunch gunz 3/31/2016 ‒ Geplaatst op 01.4.2016
  • Getting ready to gutpunch ‒ Geplaatst op 20.6.2016
  • Staredown ‒ Geplaatst op 20.6.2016
  • Everlast black trunks, Gutbustr(tm) gloves ‒ Geplaatst op 19.2.2015
  • Everlast black trunks, Gutbustr(tm) gloves ‒ Geplaatst op 23.2.2015
  • Ready to strike ‒ Geplaatst op 22.4.2016
  • Outside the house, early April 2015 ‒ Geplaatst op 20.5.2015
  • Pittsburgh's Mt. Washington Overlook, 4-13-2016 ‒ Geplaatst op 22.4.2016
  • pec punch ‒ Geplaatst op 23.2.2015
  • Right jab ‒ Geplaatst op 23.2.2015
  • bi-flex ‒ Geplaatst op 23.2.2015
  • left profile ‒ Geplaatst op 23.2.2015
  • squareoff ‒ Geplaatst op 23.2.2015
  • stare you down ‒ Geplaatst op 23.2.2015
  • face on, guard up ‒ Geplaatst op 23.2.2015
  • punch you out ‒ Geplaatst op 23.2.2015
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Hi guys! Main interest is gutpunching, give or take, although wrestling is a high contender as a newly-realized interest. Took boxing training one year and appreciate the opportunity to spar. Erotic boxing and two-on-one a turn-on.
D/D free a must; prior to a meet I will cheerfully ask you, and I expect honesty, as you will be my friend.



Opzet van gevecht: Geven en nemen, Twee tegen één, Trainingsmaatje, Online kletsen
Overige interesses: Vriendschap
Fetisjen: Ik ben op zoek naar seks, Aftrekken, Leer, Bokstenue, Naakt worstelen, Maagmeppen (gut punching), Tepels pijnigen, Cock fighting, Rip and strip


  1. Verenigde Staten - Washington, Seattle
    Place of residence
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Ik ben bereid 150 mijlen voor een gevecht te reizen

Persoonlijke details

Leeftijd: man van 66 jaar, Homo, zoekt man

Persoonlijke details: 178 cm, 80 kg

Spreekt: Engels

Draagt: jeans, shorts, shirtless, nude

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Laatst bewerkt: 20.6.2016 9:41

Lid geworden: 19.2.2015 3:35

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Seawrestler aanbevolen door ctrwash

Seawrestler and I met 5 years ago when I first started out. He was and still is strong and skilled; I am tougher than I was. It was more even exertion between us, and a lot more fun. Appreciated more gutpunching and long holds. I recommend him for a hot roll on the mat! And a super guy to boot who is a nice friend.



ctrwash aanbevolen door ruinurabs

Bob's a good, durable punchee. Hit him with most everything, and he kept right on going. Enjoyable session. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a good human punching bag.



ruinurabs aanbevolen door ctrwash

Finally met this man after 6 years. What a great guy! Skilled and direct with his punches, and one of few guys who gave me bruises! He's strong, confident, with a hot build. And a super person. We will be doing this again.



Keiffa aanbevolen door ctrwash

Great guy! He worked me over with gloves first, then bare fists. One of the toughest gutpunch sessions I've had, and the hard deep successive uppercuts to the lower belly and navel were hot, and doubled me over a little...just what I was looking for to test my conditioning. Nice man, with a muscular, strong build. Thanks Keiffa!



ctrwash aanbevolen door TooTallToTangle

Had a fun time. Very laid back and personable. I'm not a gut-puncher so we pretty much did some light submission. Great personality on and off the mats. Safe. We'll be having a rematch In the future.



TooTallToTangle aanbevolen door ctrwash

This guy surprised me with his strength! He is strong and capable, and his size and leverage gave him the advantage. But we will do it again! Very nice man, a good friend, with a great sense of humor. Thanks, big guy!



ctrwash aanbevolen door Boxer59

Great guy, had an awesome match boxing and gut punching. A very strong and awesome man, I would highly recommend this great man for any matches, but be ware. Thanks bob



Boxer59 aanbevolen door ctrwash

This man is a strong gutpuncher! Gave me a hard run and surprised me several times...just what I was looking for during my abs training. And what a nice guy! I like his spunk, his courage, his streak of devilishness, and his sincerity. A wonderful host, and he is now a good friend. I will be returning for more workouts!
Thank you, sir, for such a wonderful time!



pdxphil aanbevolen door ctrwash

Phil is a great guy! We had great times sparring, doing boxing exercises, gutpunching, and wrestling. And a very nice man, full of fun! We had time to talk and get to know each other. Highly recommend! Will be returning for more!
Thanks, Phil!



uwillgive aanbevolen door ctrwash

This guy is strong! Get ready for a tough fight. We had a fantastic time! And what a nice man, smart and sensitive. Highly recommend!!



ctrwash aanbevolen door aawrstlman

We had an awesome match and made a connection both on and off the mat! Highly recommend ctr, he's really tough and a great guy overall.



aawrstlman aanbevolen door ctrwash

This man is fun, and strong! We are a good match for each other, allowing us to play out tests of strength. Had several good, sweaty encounters, with benefits :-) . And Kris is interesting and down to earth. I think I made a new friend! We will definitely do it all over again.
Thank you, Kris!



ozboxer aanbevolen door ctrwash

I met Oz long before I joined MeetFighters, and it's about time I enter this recommendation. He is exactly what he says he is, does exactly what he says he will, is a jewel of a man, and a hell of a boxer and gutpuncher. He was my introduction to GP, and I could not have been luckier. He takes up a special place in my heart as a friend, a hot boxer personnified, who adjusts to your level and gives all attention to you in the moment. Is it any wonder he is in the Hundreds Club? A guy of this caliber is no accident. You cannot regret a meetup with him.
Thank you, Chris!!



Orman2man aanbevolen door ctrwash

Ah yes, this guy is hot...good tests of strength between us, and the benefit of getting worked over in the abs, asking for as hard as he could deliver with boxing gloves and bare fists. Very nice man, a real pleasure. We will do it all again.
Thanks, man!



ctrwash aanbevolen door waboxer

Great guy right on time and can take a hard body shot! Real personable great guy!



waboxer aanbevolen door ctrwash

Tony is definitely tops! As is usual I got the benefit of training from an excellent boxer. And he's a great one for abs training, of which I requested quite a bit. Super, nice man, a gentleman. He is on my list for more matches! Seek him out...he's great!
Thanks, Tony.



ctrwash aanbevolen door billr

This afternoon I received an unflexed GP workover. He leaned me up against a car, started out slowly, and then gradually increasing the intensity. He got good exercise and I got a good workover. Off and on this lasted for about an hour. He is a genuine nice guy and interesting to be around. He was very pleasant and checked up on me on throughout the entire session. I highly recommend him and you ought to schedule a meeting with him soon.
On Thursday 3/31 I received an unflexed GP workover from Bob & Lee. They took turns gutpunching me while trying out a variety of boxing gloves. Several MF members will soon get to meet Bob & I guarantee that they will have a good time.



billr aanbevolen door ctrwash

Bill is a great guy. He took my hard punches by fist unflexed, and sustained them better than most would unflexed. We went on and off for over an hour, and his gut was red in the end. LSM1966 and I tag-teamed, held him up, worked him over. Bill discovered he likes 8-oz boxing gloves. He is returning in a week for another session with us before I leave for home. Nice, fun and interesting man, a new gutpunch friend! Hit him up for dead-center belly punching.
Update 3/31/2016: This session used 8-ounce, then grappling gloves for the bellypunching, and bill and I loved every minute of it. Especially hot is bill's reaction to the punches. His verbal ooofs and ugghs lend a particular erotic atmosphere to the scene, very gratifying for the puncher. We had even more fun than the previous time. I only wish this nice, candid man lived where I do. I could gutpunch him again and again!



ctrwash aanbevolen door jason

What a wonderful match we had today. You are so strong and that semi hairy body overpowered me and so turned me on. On top of that - one could not meet a nicer human being. So, if you ever get a chance -please wrestle ctrwash. You will not be disappointed in any way.



jason aanbevolen door ctrwash

Jason was very fun! We gutpunched and wrestled, and he was in real life even more than I fantasized in my head. Good struggles, nice reactions, hot encounter. And a very good man, one who enjoys life. I am fortunate to have met him. You will be too.
Thanks, Jason!



ctrwash aanbevolen door PittsburghBoxer

Ctrwash was an awesome opponent...good, tough guy with solid punches in both hands for body boxing...tough good prowess with boxing....and overall wonderful guy. Will recommend anyone to meet this guy guy for some awesome body boxing.. you will not be disappointed.



PittsburghBoxer aanbevolen door ctrwash

Jason is a smart blocker, hard puncher, very skilled boxer...excellent gutpuncher too! But he is so much more: fair, decent, honest, a very wonderful guy. His reputation follows him from his years of boxing training and experience. He is serious about it, so don't take him on lightly. I had a rewarding time.
Thanks, Jason!



BBANATOR aanbevolen door ctrwash

Jim is fun! We were already good friends before meeting face to face, and that's when it got even better, with hot body punching, clenching, ball busting, cock fighting, and trashtalking. I consider this man a great friend, and he is a joy to be with on many levels.
Thanks, Jim!



ctrwash aanbevolen door usmcwrestler

Had great time gutpunching Bob. Takes a good shot. Gives good ones, too. I hope to meet him again for some more gutpunching. Fine and considerate man.



usmcwrestler aanbevolen door ctrwash

Tom is a strong puncher! We did some training and gutpunching, and he delivers hard and deep to the belly. He's also a very nice and interesting friend, and I hope to wrestle him next year. He's a real gentleman, and I feel I've known him for many years. He's an up-and-coming boxer, and I recommend him for a great time!
Thanks, Tom.



ctrwash aanbevolen door BoxerCoachinmd

Had a good session with ctrwash, who was eager to work on his boxing skills. Worked on basics while exchanging stories and experiences and found we had a lot of common experiences. Good guy in and out of the ring and highly recommended. He also wrestles but we didn't have quite enough time to explore that.



BoxerCoachinmd aanbevolen door ctrwash

This guy is a keeper...trained boxer, and is willing to train during the meetup. Gave me good, solid basics to build on. Also a hot and playful gutpuncher. We had more in common in other areas as well. He will remain my friend, and we intend to get together again next year. Very much a man's man!
Thanks, Jack.



ctrwash aanbevolen door kevin patrick

Had a great time. Really fun on the mats, and a fantastic guy. Enjoyed the gut punching, and wrestling. I would love another match up with him.



kevin patrick aanbevolen door ctrwash

Kevin is everything he says he is. Above all, he is responsive in communication, kind, a gentleman. And what a wrestler! Oil wrestling still proved to me I'm no match for his ability at this point. Kevin and Tampachaser Jeff are the sort well suited for each other, as I witnessed. Kevin is also a very sensual man, a nice plus after a hard match. You won't be sorry wrestling this guy!
Thanks, Kevin!



tampachaser aanbevolen door ctrwash

Jeff is a muscular, strong guy! He loves hard wrestling, but he went a little easier on me as I am new, and also we oil wrestled. If you like a man who is strong as an ox, has incredible strength in his pecs, shoulders, guns and legs, and above all, a super-nice personality, hit this guy up!
Thanks, Jeff!



ctrwash aanbevolen door grove123

Had a great match with ctrwash. We went at it for several hours in a hard fought erotic match with lots of trash talking, gut punching, exchanging holds and a great finish. Ctrwash was a hard man on the mat but a true and interesting gentleman off the mat. Hope to meet him again so we can finally determine who is boss



grove123 aanbevolen door ctrwash

Grove is a fun rassler! We got it on in jeans, and it was hot, sweaty, erotic. And off the mat he is a great guy, generous to a fault, a very interesting man. A completely enjoyable time! Thanks, Grove!



ctrwash aanbevolen door gardenboy

WOW! What more can I say about Bob? He is a great friend, and gentleman. He says he is a novice in wrestling, but I will tell you he is one STRONG novice! LOL He can take a punch big time. I worked over his stomach and he took all I could deliver. But more than that he is a kind, caring individual who puts his friends and opponents first! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!



gardenboy aanbevolen door ctrwash

This man is tough, sexy, one hell of a gutpuncher and wrestler! He's stronger than I could imagine prior to our meetup. He worked me over hard and aggressively, with benefits. Intelligent, very kind, a wonderful friend and buddy, someone who I can call my lifelong friend. I can't say enough good about him. You will not be sorry...try him out!



ctrwash aanbevolen door imajem

ctrwash is a really nice guy; kind, intelligent, funny. You will certainly enjoy his company. Give him a meet if you get the opportunity.



imajem aanbevolen door ctrwash

Jim is a very delightful man. We had some hot contact, and he is an excellent host! A most delightful time!



ctrwash aanbevolen door Prowrestle

Had a great time wrestling with this guy. Wrestled a mostly playful match w/gut punches. Occasionally went up against him and his tag team partner, with limited success.. All I could say is, You win some and you lose some, but who's complaining :-}. A real stand up guy who is someone I trust and respect



Prowrestle aanbevolen door ctrwash

Prowrestle is a great roll on the mat! With or without oil, he's a keeper! We mostly play-wrestled, but it was hot and a good match. You will like this good man.



Boxer VA aanbevolen door ctrwash

This man is TOUGH! You want a good boxing match? You won't be sorry. Skilled with over 8 years of boxing experience, he can deliver punches so hard you may end up on the floor in a K/O. And very much a gentleman. He will be a lifelong friend.
Thanks, Coleman!



ctrwash aanbevolen door lsm1966

Hot man; everything he promises, and way more.



lsm1966 aanbevolen door ctrwash

Lee is wiry, and tough in his abs. I can punch him very hard with gloves or bare fists directly in the abs, and he does not flinch. Granted, his tolerance for repeated beating is reduced, but all it takes is a short rest, and he's back up to it again! He can stand just as much in the punch as just about any guy. If you want a fun time, come down and work him over!



ctrwash aanbevolen door Roughmatch

I have met this member many times for good times of gut punching and boxing. He is interested in wrestling but I am not a good boxer. He still works with me though. He is very intelligent about lots of things and is a great guy to be with.



topboxer aanbevolen door ctrwash

Very skilled and knowledgeable boxer. If you want a good match, he will provide it.


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